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How many hours in 470 minutes?

There are 60 minutes in one hour. 420 minutes is equal to 7 hours, so 470 minutes is equal to 7 hours and 50 minutes.
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What is 470 rounded to nearest hundred?

470 rounded to nearest hundred = 500The hundreds place is 4, at the right of 4 is 7 which is more than 5, so add 1 to 4.  You get 5 then add the two zeros (one for the tens (MORE)

How many teaspoons are in 470 mg?

A level teaspoon of sugar is roughly 5 grams, and 500 mg is about 1/10 (on tenth) of 5 grams. So 470 mg would be about one tenth of 1 teaspoon or slightly closer to 1/11. Bu (MORE)
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What is 470 thousandths in millimeters?

I am not sure what you want converted. What I  understand of this is that you are wondering what 470/1000 of a  millimetre is. If this is the case, 0.47 millimetres is 470  (MORE)