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How do you convert a 5 point likert to a 10 point likert?

You can readily convert data from a 5-point scale to a 10-point equivalent. The process is basically to anchor the end points of the scale you want to convert to the 10-point. (MORE)

What is crawling and cogging?

  When rotor bars are made to run parallel with stator , the torque rises & falls correspondingly causing more pulsations. This is termed as cogging in other qords m (MORE)

What were the 5 points of the Missouri Compromise?

  1. Missouri will be admitted as a slave state   2. Maine will be admitted as a free state   3. Any territory within the Louisiana Purchase above the Missouri Compr (MORE)

What is sharepoint crawl?

Crawling has to do with making the contents of pages/uploaded documents available in SharePoint's search. the administrator can decide the content to be included in the search (MORE)

Can a horse crawl?

Yes, if you are interested in trick training your horse you can get him to crawl. And I have seen horses crawl under fences on occasions to get an extra good-tasting bite of g (MORE)

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What are crawling animals?

crawling animals are animals that crawl on their hands and knees or their belly.. examples: snakes,snails,spiders,iguanas,bettles,alligators.etc.
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If a fly is crawling on an adjacent wall at a point having coordinates 2 and 1 what is the flys distance from the corner of the room?

  The fly's distance, assuming the coordinates are measured from the corner nearest to the fly, is the hypotenuse of a right triangle with base of x (1) and height of y (2 (MORE)

How do crocodiles crawl?

They walk ! They place the front foot forward along with the rear foot on the other side (left-front, right-rear for example) then the alternate feet (right-front, left-rear) (MORE)
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What percentage is 5 basis points?

0,05 of a percentage point, i.e the difference of 0,05%.    Basis points (bps) refer to the change of percentages.    1 bp = 0,01% change   1% change = 100 b (MORE)