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What is 86?

86 is slang for getting rid of or giving up on something. Example: "The project we were working on seemed doomed to failure so we 86'd it."

What is the origin of 86?

These are the two answers (the soda one I never heard of) I've heard but since it's slang, one will never beat the other out. It's too long ago to say what was first but these (MORE)

What does 86 out mean?

I don't know if that is true everywhere, but in New York restaurants waiters and waitresses use this term to indicate that a dish is no longer served, especially when among pa (MORE)

What is divisable by 86?

172 use a calc :P . Or anything, any number as long as you are not looking for an even answer with no fraction or remainder. In which case see above. May I add 258. Oh yes, u (MORE)

What is the NSC-86?

NSC-86 was a secret policy statement, proposed by the National Security Council in 1950, calling for a large, ongoing military commitment to contain Soviet communism; it was a (MORE)

Why is 86 composite?

Because it has factors of 1,2,43 and 86. Prime numbers can only have 2 factors: 1 and itself. It is composite because it isn't prime. Hope this helps.