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Who are the Jews of Israel?

The Jewish people originate from Abraham who was born inMesopotamia. If you look in the book of Genesis (from ch.11) youwill see the history of the beginnings of the Jews. You (MORE)
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Why is Israel important to the Jews?

Israel is cherished by Jews for several reasons:   Firstly, it is our historical homeland, and the religious centre of Judaism. All of the holy Jewish sites are there.   (MORE)

So I have to do a PowerPoint presentation on the 9 11 conspiracy when it obviously wasn't a conspiracy Halp?

Technically, it was a conspiracy, but not by the government, Jews, Freemasons, or anything like that. I suggest that you emphasise in your presentation that the terrorists "co (MORE)
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When did the Jews get Israel?

The exact date is still in dispute. The synthesis of  Archaeological, Historical, and Biblical   research by most scholars places the date somewhere between 1400  and 13 (MORE)
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Why are Jews and Muslims fighting in Israel?

Jews and Muslims are not fighting in Israel.    The conflict is primarily between Israelis and Palestinians in the  Palestinian Territories (which are expressly not Is (MORE)
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What are the claims for Jews and Palestinians to the land of Israel?

The Jewish claim to Israel is that Jews have lived on this land  without interruption for over 3000 years. That this land is their  ancestral land. Religious Jews have the a (MORE)
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What do Jews think of Israel?

Most Jews believe that Israel is the land of their forefathers and Prophets; the land promised to them by God (Genesis 28:10-13), to which they have a historic, emotional and (MORE)