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How many ways can 9 books be arranged on a shelf?

Assuming that each of the nine books is unique, that there are only nine positions open on the given shelf, and that each book can fit in each position, the answer is 9! (nine (MORE)

What is the best way to get to the 9-11 memorial from Staten Island Ferry?

Entrance to the South Ferry-Whitehall Street station is included inside the ferry terminal complex. This is actually two connected stations, the South Ferry station on the 1 t (MORE)

What does the metaphor 6 ways to Sunday mean?

It means "in every way possible".  Such as using every method possible in trying to find an answer  to a question.  or  Having every possible exit or means of escape block (MORE)

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What was Black Sunday?

Black Sunday was an event that took place April 14, 1935. It was the worst of the many dust storms that took place in "The Dust Bowl", an area that was surrounded by Kansas, C (MORE)

What is Palm Sunday about?

palm Sunday is all about how that when Jesus road into Galilee and his worshipers threw palms at him --another answer-- Palm Sunday (not Psalm Sunday) is about the entry of (MORE)

Can you have a funeral on Sundays?

No, Sunday is a day of rest and also no institutions that are used to facilitate a funeral are normally open on Sundays, that is apart from churches.
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What is the main way we worship God on Sunday?

Extended times of Prayer are one important way we do this. Singing  worshipful, reverant hymns which speak to Him, reading His word,  and learning of Him from through sermon (MORE)