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What are vice-admiralty courts?

Vice admiralty courts were juryless courts located in British colonies that were granted jurisdiction over local legal matters related to maritime activities, such as disputes (MORE)

Did the Admiralty do all it could to protect the Lusitania?

They did not do everything possible to protect the Lusitania. Why? Because even though the Admiralty were aware that there were potential threats spotted around the ships rada (MORE)

What was the name of the first lord of the British admiralty?

The Earl of Portland, Richard Weston, who held office 1628 to 1635. Previous to him the incumbents of the post were known as Lord High Admirals. The last First Lord of the Adm (MORE)
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What is the meaning of admiralty?

The Admiralty was formally the authority in the United Kingdom responsible for the command of the Royal Navy. The office was created about the year 1400 and lasted until 1964 (MORE)