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Has Daniel agger a girlfriend?

umm...not sure but heard that he has been dating with Sofie Nelsen and they have been lived together for a couple years but I'm not quite sure if they still stay together. I h ( Full Answer )
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What is Daniel aggers phone number?

Daniel Munthe Agger, born on December 12, 1984, is a Danish soccer player who currently plays as a defender for the Liverpool as of July 2013. Due to privacy reasons, he does ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Petrine Agger been in?

Petrine Agger has: Played En Kunde in "Taxa" in 1997. Played Tine in "Hotellet" in 2000. Played Charlotte in "Kald mig bare Aksel" in 2002. Played Lillian in "Polle Fiction" i ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Steen Agger written?

Steen Agger has written: 'The book house' 'The Book House' -- subject(s): Information storage and retrieval systems, Book House (Information retrieval system), Fiction