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Bangledesh type of government?

That could be a possibility. Any govt will be better than Mr. 10% or Mr. Military..
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What was cause of Bangledesh war?

In August 1947, the countries of Pakistan and India were formed by the Partition of India that effectively dissolved the British Indian Empire. The country of Pakistan was cha ( Full Answer )
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What natural disasters target the nation of Bangledesh?

To be technical, a natural disaster is not sentient and therefore cannot "target" any one or any thing. That said, some natural disasters that might be common in Bangladesh o ( Full Answer )
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Is Bangledesh a country or city?

Bangladesh, officially the People's Republic of Bangladesh , is a country. Bangladesh won independence from Pakistan in 1971.
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Is bangledesh developing?

Yes, Bangladesh is a developing/third world country. The country still faces poverty as a challenge.