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What is a Baptist?

A Baptist is a person who belongs to the Baptist Church. Being aBaptist implies that you have certain things in common with otherBaptists, such as how you approach worship.

Why are you a Baptist?

I am a Baptist because I need to be rooted and grounded in the Word of God, and I believe that the best way to interpret the Bible is to take it literally.. However, I am a I (MORE)

Why do they call baptist a baptist?

Baptists get their name from their belief that it is an important thing to be baptized. They believe that being baptized DOES NOT make you a Christian, but displays your belie (MORE)

Why are baptists called baptists?

called baptist because they believe a newly converted believer should be dipped under water, symbol of death burial resurrection of Jesus Christ.

What is or who is baptist?

Typically, someone who is a member of a Baptist church. Baptists are a large, 400 year old protestant denomination descending from the Anglican Church and the Puritans in Engl (MORE)

How long was John the Baptist a Baptist?

Actually, to avoid confusion, it might be better to call him "John the Baptizer." Even though "John the Baptist" is a correct term, it can confuse people who are familiar with (MORE)

Who were the baptists before John the Baptist?

John the Baptist was not a baptist, like we think of it today. He got that name because he was famous for baptizing people. Although, some well-meaning baptist might argue t (MORE)

Why get baptist?

John preached baptism for forgiveness of sins for those repenting,confining his baptism to Jews and proselytes to the Jews' religion.(Mark 1:1-5; Acts 13:24)