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What is a Baptist?

A Baptist is a person who belongs to the Baptist Church. Being a  Baptist implies that you have certain things in common with other  Baptists, such as how you approach worsh (MORE)

Why are you a Baptist?

I am a Baptist because I need to be rooted and grounded in the Word of God, and I believe that the best way to interpret the Bible is to take it literally.   However, I am (MORE)

Why do they call baptist a baptist?

Baptists get their name from their belief that it is an important thing to be baptized. They believe that being baptized DOES NOT make you a Christian, but displays your belie (MORE)

What is or who is baptist?

Typically, someone who is a member of a Baptist church. Baptists are a large, 400 year old protestant denomination descending from the Anglican Church and the Puritans in Engl (MORE)

What is the Baptist connection to John the Baptist?

No connection really, although some Baptist Christians have sought to see a connection. Baptists, as a recognized entity, go back to the early 1600s. They often describe thems (MORE)

How long was John the Baptist a Baptist?

Actually, to avoid confusion, it might be better to call him "John the Baptizer." Even though "John the Baptist" is a correct term, it can confuse people who are familiar with (MORE)

Who were the baptists before John the Baptist?

John the Baptist was not a baptist, like we think of it today.  He got that name because he was famous for baptizing people.  Although, some well-meaning baptist might argue (MORE)