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Where is Bismarck?

Bismarck is the capital of North Dakota and is a sister city to mandan witch are both on the Missouri river.
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Where is the Bismarck?

It is off the coast of France, under the water. you can see it on google earth too.
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What is a Bismarck?

It's many things. . a famous German political family. Notably, the first chancellorof unified Germany, Otto von Bismarck, nicknamed the "IronChancellor". Some of his descend ( Full Answer )
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Who fired Bismarck and why?

Since 1878 there had been a law in Germany banning all socialist campaigning and organized activity by socialists; and it had been renewed at periodic intervals. It came up fo ( Full Answer )
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What was famous of Bismarck for?

It's famous because British writer Cecil S. Forester wrote a book about it in 1959, and the British made a film about it called "Sink the Bismarck" in 1960. Otherwise, it san ( Full Answer )
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What effect did the Battle of Bismarck Sea have on World War 2?

The main targets were 7000 Japanese troops on troop transports attacked from the air. Less than 800 made it to the island of Lae, and as many as 3000 were killed. Nothing as b ( Full Answer )
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Was the Bismarck made?

Bismarck's keel was laid in 1936. She was completed and launched in 1939. Sunk in 1941.
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Who won the Battle of the Bismarck Sea?

1. US victory, US aircraft verses IJN destroyers & troop transports. 2. USS Bismarck Sea, sunk during the Battle of Iwo Jima in 1945; the last US aircraft carrier lost in WWII ( Full Answer )
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Why was the Bismarck called the terror of the sea?

Because the British navy was trying to consolidate its resources to put it out of commission. Another words it was tying up the British navy.