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Who invented botox?

Alan B Scott, MD, an ophthalmologist and founder of the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute in San Francisco, first developed and manufactured Botulinum Type A neurotoxin (MORE)

What is botox made from?

My husband said it was made from blowfish toxin (call it blowtox maybe?) but here's a link that should explain it for you

Where to get botox?

You can see a dermatologist to get Botox. Dermatologists are trained to inject Botox. Remember to ask qualification of the individual who injects Botox. It is against the law (MORE)

What is botox and how is it used?

it is substance selected from Botulinum toxin which is neurotoxic protein produced by certain bacteria. It renders neurons unable to transfer neurotransmitters and causes musc (MORE)
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Is botox a drug?

Yes, botox is a drug. Well, by definition " Botox" it is a drug, a drug is any substance used in diagnosis, treatment o prevention of humans disease; but also any substance in (MORE)

How do you inject botox?

The treatment involves small doses of Botox administered via tiny injections directly into underlying muscles between the brows to temporarily reduce the muscle activity that (MORE)

Can you learn botox?

You must be a qualified medical professional such as a Doctor, Dental Surgeon or registered Nurse to inject botox. Apart from understanding injection technique and the risks a (MORE)