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How do you get to the Indian ocean?

depending on where u at but you can not go by car if you live in England or a little bit closer. Answer It all depends on where you live or where you coming from the bes ( Full Answer )
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Where is the Indian Ocean?

The Indian Ocean is located between Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Southern Ocean. The Geographical Coordinates are 20 0 S and 80 0 E Technically South of India
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Who defeated the british in the northwest territory?

(someone wrote terrible words here - so i deleted them. mischievous kids made it impossible for me to get the right answer for my child's homework. sad.) Umm... aside from th ( Full Answer )
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Is southafrica a British territory?

it used to be but it is now an independent country. it used to be but it is now an independent country.
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Israel was carved out of which British territory?

The British Mandate for Palestine. Note: A mandate is not a territory of a country, strictly speaking. It is a future sovereign state under the present leadership and guida ( Full Answer )
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Is Bermuda a British territory?

Yes. Hundreds of years ago, British men were shipwrecked on the island of Bermuda and they claimed Bermuda as a British territory. If you look at the Bermuda flag, you will se ( Full Answer )
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Is British Columbia a province or territory?

British Columbia one of the 10 provinces (the others being Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta ( Full Answer )