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How do you treat Candida?

There are two steps - firstly medicate. There are creams available and also pessaries (which is really a big pill you insert into your vagina). There is a new medication out w (MORE)

What is Candida Moniliasis?

Most common cause of infectious esophagitis   Organism :C. albicans   Found in diseased skin, GI tract, female genital tract, urine in patients with an with an indwellin (MORE)

How do you get candida?

Women: Wiping back to frontNot washing properlyNot drying off Men and Women: Coming into close contact with someone else who has thisGeneral bad hygiene Candida is actually (MORE)

How can you stop candida?

There are many remedies for Candidas. Having a balanced diet is important for this kind of disease. Also trying to avoid sugar foods can also make difference. This can help in (MORE)