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How do you treat Candida?

There are two steps - firstly medicate. There are creams available and also pessaries (which is really a big pill you insert into your vagina). There is a new medication out w (MORE)

What is Candida Moniliasis?

Most common cause of infectious esophagitis . Organism : C. albicans . Found in diseased skin, GI tract, female genital tract, urine in patients with an with an indwelling (MORE)

How do you get candida?

Women: . Wiping back to front . Not washing properly . Not drying off Men and Women: . Coming into close contact with someone else who has this . General bad hy (MORE)

How can you stop candida?

There are many remedies for Candidas. Having a balanced diet is important for this kind of disease. Also trying to avoid sugar foods can also make difference. This can help in (MORE)

What are the candida symptoms?

Candida symptoms are shown through physical and mental health. Look for gas, bloating, headaches, migraines, excessive fatigue, and the sudden urge to drink alcohol.