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What is an archipelago?

An archipelago is a group, chain or cluster of islands surrounded by a large body of water, usually the open sea.
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What is a archipelago doctrine?

  The archipelago doctrine defines and elucidates the archipelago as a body of water studded with islands and the outermost portion of the archipelago are connected with s (MORE)

How are archipelagos formed?

Archipelagos are usually volcanic, forming along island arcs  produced by subduction zones (or hot spots).  They formed by tectonic activities when a tectonic plate moves  (MORE)
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Where are archipelagos located?

Originally meaning an island-studded sea, such as the Aegean Sea, but now referring to a group of islands, such as the Bismarck Archipelago, to the east of Papua New Guinea.  (MORE)

What island is a archipelago?

Archipelago is actually a chain of islands, or a cluster of islands. Technically islands that are created through movement of our plates. Before many used Archipelago to refer (MORE)