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Where are the cayman islands?

The Cayman Islands (a British Overseas Territory) are in the Caribbean Sea just south of western Cuba, and northwest of Jamaica.
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Do caymans live in the cayman islands?

No,Caiman's do not live in the Cayman Island. The only one we have here is in captivity. If you don't believe me come and see for yourself.
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Who are the rulers of the Cayman Islands?

Her Majesty the Queen of England is the ultimate head of the Cayman Islands. On an administrative level His Excellency the Governor, Duncan Taylor, CBE is the highest official ( Full Answer )
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Is the Cayman island near Mexico?

No, the Cayman Islands is no where near Mexico. Cayman is located in the Caribbean sea.
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What does the cayman islands flag represent?

It represents the Union Jack, meaning it is associated with the UK, and it also has the representation of the Cayman Islands own coat of arms.
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Is the Cayman Islands poor or rich?

The Cayman Islands is neither rich nor poor, although it is ranked fifth in off-shore banking around the world.