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Who invented cervical cancer vaccine?

Professor Ian Frazer, the Director of the Diamantina Institute of Cancer Immunology and Metabolic Medicine, a research institute of the University of Queensland
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Is cervical cancer terminal?

Cervical cancer can be terminal, but if caught early the prognosis is good. Pap smears test for it, which is why it is important to visit the gynecologist regularly. Pap smear (MORE)

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How many people have cervical cancer?

The American Cancer Society estimated that in 2013, approximately 12,340 women would be diagnosed with cancer of the cervix and 4,030 women would die of the disease. Cervical (MORE)

What population does cervical cancer affect?

It affects the sexually active community obviously. First off, cervical cancer is caused by the most popular sexually transmitted disease, HPV, the humanpapoloma virus. The sa (MORE)

How do you get cervical cancer-?

Cervical cancer can form from a person having HPV. It can also be  hereditary.
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