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Hives from an allergic reaction to champix how long will this last?

Hi There, I have this problem too. Stopped taking the medication due to bad outbreak of hives - raised itchy bumps all over my back and tummy. They have reduced severity si (MORE)

Can you take tramadol and champix at the same time?

I'm on 2x200mg tramadol SR daily and am currently also on 2x1mg Champix daily and have suffered no adverse interactions between the two. I find both make me slightly nauseo (MORE)

Is it safe taking champix tablets whilst on Fentanyl patches?

The only thing to be cognizant and aware of is that it might exacerbate mood swings, which are common with high doses of opiates, and especially Fentanyl patches. However, if (MORE)
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Can itake steriods from doc if im taking champix tablets?

In the consultation when you were prescribed the steroids, the doctor should have been aware of all of your current medication - this way, if the doctor tries to prescribe som (MORE)