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Where is China?

It is in Asia south of Mongolia and is west of the United States of America. China is a huge country in Asia with a large east coast seaboard on the Pacific ocean. Easte (MORE)

What to do in China?

Go shopping and visit senic spots. I strongly recommend the city Guilin! In Beijing you can visit The Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Temple of Heaven, The Summer Palace, and last ti (MORE)

Who is China?

China is a name of a socialism country (the Chinese characteristic  socialism country), it isn't a name of some people so far as I  know.    china, the first letter u (MORE)

How is China?

With all the recalls and contaminants, I would not give my family China-made food except gourmet stuff they make for themselves. And it kills me to say it, as I LOVE Cantonese (MORE)

Where is the China?

china located in asia. china became very popular when it became a powerful comminst country in 1949 by a leader named mao zedong. since 1949 the country been comminst every si (MORE)

What are China?

China is a country that own by many kings. Now is a morden country and has new technowgy. But somw parts of china is still old.
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