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Where is China?

It is in Asia south of Mongolia and is west of the United States of America. China is a huge country in Asia with a large east coast seaboard on the Pacific ocean. Easte ( Full Answer )
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What to do in China?

Go shopping and visit senic spots. I strongly recommend the city Guilin! In Beijing you can visit The Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Temple of Heaven, The Summer Palace, and last ( Full Answer )
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Who is China?

China is a name of a socialism country (the Chinese characteristicsocialism country), it isn't a name of some people so far as Iknow. china, the first letter use the lower ca ( Full Answer )
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How do you get to China?

by taking a plane You can go to China by travelling by plane or by boat. If you are in a nearby country, then you can take a train, although taking a train would take a whil ( Full Answer )
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How is China?

With all the recalls and contaminants, I would not give my family China-made food except gourmet stuff they make for themselves. And it kills me to say it, as I LOVE Cantonese ( Full Answer )
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Where is the China?

china located in asia. china became very popular when it became a powerful comminst country in 1949 by a leader named mao zedong. since 1949 the country been comminst every si ( Full Answer )
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How can you get to China?

By Plane or dig a deep hole. You can also take the slow boat to China.
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What can you do in China?

well you can see popular cities like Beijing , Xian and Hong Kong . They have Wonderful tours there either private or not. You can also go on china tours and you can see what ( Full Answer )
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What affects does the climate of China have on China?

Due to its vast territory ,China's climate is very complicated.The primary affect may be on agriculture and people's living style .In coastal cities ,there're more rainy days ( Full Answer )
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What are China?

China is a country that own by many kings. Now is a morden country and has new technowgy. But somw parts of china is still old.