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Where to get condoms?

Ask your mom you where probably born from a broken one! Ha lol but seriously I am 13 and when I did it with my girlfriend (13 as well) and her mom bought it for her at a 7/11 (MORE)
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What does a condom do?

It prevents a woman from becoming pregnant and helps stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.   to have safe sex without getting a baby during sexual intercourse (MORE)
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How do you get a condom out?

You reach in there with your two longest fingers and start fishing. Or you get your boy friend to do it, after all he lost it.
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How can you get a condom?

  You can go to the health department. You could ask your school nurse. You can go to the drug store or walmart (you dont have to ask for them there) and buy them. You don (MORE)
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What a condom?

Something that covers your erect penis.Used it for birth  control/contraception. Roll it onto the penis carefully, pinching  the tip of the condom so that there is no space (MORE)
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What do you do with condom?

Hello, Einstein here, and I'd be glad to solve your problem even though I am a virgin. I've done much research regarding this topic, and I do say, it looks quite enjoyable. Wh (MORE)
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What is condoms for?

It is one of the birth control ways to avoid unwanted pregnancy. this also used to protect yourself from being infected by HIV or any STD. Condoms do not allow the contact of (MORE)
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What is a condom-?

A condom is a protection device commonly used during sexual  intercourse to prevent people from falling pregnant and from  spreading sexual transmitted infections such as AI (MORE)