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Where do you get condoms?

you should be able to egt one out of you pharmecy but if your not or dont look over 16 then they will not give you one you can also get them in different flavours
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Where to get condoms?

Ask your mom you where probably born from a broken one! Ha lol but seriously I am 13 and when I did it with my girlfriend (13 as well) and her mom bought it for her at a 7/11 (MORE)
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Were do you get condoms?

Go to your local drug store or Wallmart/Target/Kmart and you can find them in the health and beauty section of the store or you can go online and order them from the many diff (MORE)
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What is the price of condoms?

Depends on where you buy your condoms. Some retailers really mark up the price of condoms e.g. at a late night store - so shop early. online their prices start at just £0 (MORE)
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What is a condome?

a condom is almost like a balloon that guys put on their penis so you are prevented from getting pregnant
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What do you do with condoms?

It is a tool for birth-control and to avoid sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS. It is also used to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Please see the related question for more i (MORE)
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Do condoms burn?

They shouldn't, however some people have reactions to the materials condoms are made from. If you experience burning with a latex condom then try a polyurethane or polyisopren (MORE)
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What is condoms for?

It is one of the birth control ways to avoid unwanted pregnancy. this also used to protect yourself from being infected by HIV or any STD. Condoms do not allow the contact of (MORE)
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What is a condom-?

A condom is a protection device commonly used during sexualintercourse to prevent people from falling pregnant and fromspreading sexual transmitted infections such as AIDS/HIV (MORE)