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What do you do with condoms?

It is a tool for birth-control and to avoid sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS. It is also used to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Please see the related question for more in (MORE)
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How do you clean condoms?

The short answer is that you do not clean them. Condoms should only be used once. Afterwards they should be discarded. Please see the related question for more information.
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When were condoms invented?

The history of condoms   1000 BC   The use of condoms can be traced back several thousand years. It is known that around 1000 BC the ancient Egyptians used a linen s (MORE)
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Are condoms comfortable?

Condoms are some what uncomfortable if you are a first time user.They come in many sizes and if you get the wrong size then it either maybe too constricting or too large to ke (MORE)
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What are the best condoms?

Everyone has a different preference on which condom is the best.  The two major brands that I would recommend would be either Trojan  or Durex. Both of these manufactuers ha (MORE)
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What is a condom with spermicide?

It is a condom that kills the sperm so its sorta like a double protection so if the condom breaks the sperm is already dead
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Who invented the condom?

The modern latex condom was invented by Charles Goodyear, who did a  lot of work with rubber production.   Condom is one of the oldest forms of contraception that found i (MORE)
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What are spermicidal condoms?

You have lubrication on all condoms. Some say spermicidal and some say non spermicidal. If it is spermicidal this means that the sperm is killed inside the condom. And No sper (MORE)

Are there vibrating condoms?

  There are vibrating condom rings that are put on condoms and vibrate but not condoms that actually vibrate themselves
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How and why condom breaks?

  There could be a few reasons.....   Quality of the product. I see Condoms at Dollar Stores and it just makes me wonder if anyone should use them. Also try not to get (MORE)