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What aftercare is needed after cryotherapy?

A gauze dressing is applied and patients should wash the site three or four times daily while fluid continues to ooze from the wound, usually for five to 14 days.

What is the purpose of cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy can be employed to destroy a variety of benign skin growths, such as warts, pre-cancerous lesions (such as actinic keratoses), and malignant lesions (such as basal (MORE)
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What are the alternatives to cryotherapy?

Alternatives to cryotherapy depend on the specific medical condition being treated. A general alternative is the use of conventional surgical procedures.

What is cervical cryotherapy?

Cervical cryotherapy is a procedure which involves freezing an area of abnormal tissue on the cervix. This tissue gradually disappears and the cervix heals.
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Why is cryotherapy utilized?

The goal of cryotherapy is to freeze and destroy targeted skin growths while preserving the surrounding skin from injury.
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What is Cryotherapy used for?

It can help to keep younger-looking skin. For me, one of the mostconsiderable things is the prompt result. The stream of cold plumpsyour face collagen without any chemicals, n (MORE)