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What is a dagger?

A short knife with a pointed and edged blade, used as a weapon. A dagger is a small sharp knife
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What is dagger in Latin?

Dagger POINT is "Mucro". It generally means "sharp pointed edge". The other word for it is , I think , "daca". I'm not entitrely sure on that one. It's vulgar , or , a curse w ( Full Answer )
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What can you spell with dagger?

The letters of dagger can be rearranged to spell the word ragged. The next possible longest words are gaged, grade and raged.
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What is the weight of a dagger?

The upper and lower bounds for daggers would be about 300-700 grams, with the average weight of a 20-30 centimetre dagger somewhere between 425-525 grams, and the median for a ( Full Answer )
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What is the best dagger?

Runescape:Dragon Dagger for "Members Only" Rune Dagger "Free Accounts". . Edit by imdill3: Dragon Dager (p++) [max poisened] is the best member dagger.
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How is a dagger made?

First you need a bar of metal (bronze if you are starting out(made from tin and copper)) and a hammer. Then go to an anvil (closest to lumbridge is varrock) and use the metal ( Full Answer )
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What is dagger dancing?

The dance basically takes it's name as the sharp stabbing motion simulating a man and woman having sex.
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What is a dirk or dagger?

I belive a dirk was used primarily agains plate armor, since it was a straight bladed dagger, it was fairly effective in getting between the plates in armor, and was often use ( Full Answer )
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What is a dagger in the NBA?

A dagger is when a made basket puts the other team in a difficult position to win.
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What is the dagger?

The dagger is a short fixed blade knife with a pointed and edgedblade which is used as a weapon for thrashing or cutting. Germanand fantasy daggers are famous.