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How do you det Lugia?

You have to use a cheat to get it its unobtainable in any game without a cheat or a Nintendo event i think?? check and it should give you the exact answers. (MORE)

How do you turn off insp on odometer display on astra sxi?

  take key out of ignition and then press and hold the mileage reset button then insert key and turn on ignition whilst still holding the button down till lights on dash c (MORE)
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What does det mean?

well it could actually mean alot of things in you have to automatically know what they mean like if it meant cow and it meant green. if they say my favorite color (MORE)
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How do you det Darkrai in Platinum?

You have to have the Members Card, and then go the inn in Canalave City. Go inside, and when you wake up you will be on the island that has Darkrai.
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What is the national det?

well if you say the national det then basically it is just the credit card company who take det and how it works. Say we wanted 2 pieces of toast and a 2 full English breakfas (MORE)

How do you reset insp light on a vauxhall corsa 2009 year?

Switch ignition OFF, Press and hold button at speedo. After approximately 3 seconds the letters "INSP 0" will appearin the display. Continue holding button at speedo,depress b (MORE)

How do i stop my Skoda fabia service insp from flashing?

turn ignition off. Press and hold small black plastic knob which is next to digital mileage display (Next to rev counter/speedo clocks etc.). Turn ignition on so all dash warn (MORE)