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Why modal dispersion limits the fiber bandwidth?

In a multimode fiber modal dispersion causes each mode to have a different velocity and reach to the end of the fiber at a different time. This will cause inter-symbol interfe ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of DSF when referring to water inflow?

It looks like it means Day-Second-Feet, which is a variation onSecond-Foot Day (SFD). Second-feet is a unit of measurement of liquid flow equal to onecubic foot per second. ( Full Answer )
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What does dsf stand for?

it all depends on your own observation of these letters, as in when and where you have seen them. How about the Dubai Shopping Festival for 2010. Or Dusseldorp Skills Forum. O ( Full Answer )
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What is dsf?

Actually, DSF is acronym that stands for different things, so I cannot know to which you are referring to. But, just in case, if you go to any search engine and type "dsf" you ( Full Answer )
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How can i plot fiber waveguide dispersion using matlab programme?

Hi, First I assume you are familiar with the fiber characteristic wave equation. If not, it appears on many textbooks, like Okoshi Takanori, Amnon Yariv, Katsunary Okamoto or ( Full Answer )
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What is after dispersal?

After the seeds are dispersed and they land somewhere suitable,they will only germinate in the presence of Water,oxygen and warmth.Afterward,the cycle continues....
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What is the club DSFS?

A club for the most coolest kids ever, ran by the coolest and prettiest girl in the world, Christina Lee.
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What does DSF mean in slang?

There is no official slang term for DSF. However, those 3 letters are located next to each other on a keyboard. It is likely that a person will accidentally type the 3 togethe ( Full Answer )
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How does dispersion affect optical fiber?

Dispersion affects optical fibers in the sense that dispersion causes a disruption in the frequency of lights waves and can focus the wavelength nature of light.
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What are DSF Files?

The DSF file extension is a data format known as Designer File orMicrografx Designer v7.x file. DSF files are associated to CorelDesigner, a drawing program previously owned b ( Full Answer )