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Where is the Dominican Republic?

the Dominican Republic is in the Caribbean. The country denominated Dominican Republic is located in the Islandof Santo Domingo, according to her constitution. This island, w ( Full Answer )
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What is the Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic is the second largest island in theCaribbean, after Cuba. It has an extension of 42,000 kilometers,endless miles of beautiful beaches ( white and golden ( Full Answer )
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What does Dominican Republic mean?

Bartholomew Columbus founded the spanish settlement and named it La Isabela (August 5, 1496), after the Queen of Spain Isabella I. It was later renamed "Santo Domingo de Guzma ( Full Answer )
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What is in Dominican Republic?

it is a country east of haiti. it is known for its beaches and has many exotic creatures.
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Who is from the dominican republic?

Waskar Ernesto Valoy Martinez is from the dominican republic and he is the best ever!!!!
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Is haiti located in the Dominican Republic?

No, Haiti is it's own country. Haiti is located on the island called Hispaniola. The Dominican Republic, a separate country, is the other occupant of the island.
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What can you do in Dominican Republic?

Well, In Dominican Republic you can do a lot of stuff ; you can get your Driving lessens when you are 14 years old but, in Dominican Republic you reallydont need your driving ( Full Answer )
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Why is the Dominican republic called the Dominican republic?

The island of Hispaniola was the first New World colony settled by Spain. After various attempts to plant colonies along the northern coast of the island, Spain's first perman ( Full Answer )