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What is auto duplex?

Auto duplex is when you can set your printer to print on both sides of a paper without you having to manually change the paper to the other side. So, if I want to print a 2 si ( Full Answer )
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What is duplex controller?

One type of duplex controller controls two machines, commonly pumps or compressors. Only one of the machines needs to run at a time. The duplex controller runs one first, then ( Full Answer )
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What is a Boston Duplex?

In Springfield, MA, it is a house consisting of 2 apartments, one on top of the other. The first floor apartment is a standard tenement layout - living room, dining room, kitc ( Full Answer )
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What is simple duplex?

A simple duplex is a channel through which data is transmitted andit can either be half or full duplex. Half duplex means that datacan be sent or received but not at the same ( Full Answer )
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What is homo-duplex?

Homo duplex -- a divided human; the belief that a human being is comprized of an antagonism between (1) the instinctual desires of the human animal (think of the four "Fs") an ( Full Answer )
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What is auto-duplexing?

automatically printing both sides of the paper so you don't have to"work and turn" your papers back through the printer to do theother side....
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What is a duplex in computer?

Duplex is the ability to send and receive data on a network and over the internet at the same time. You can also get Half-Duplex, which is the ability to both send and receive ( Full Answer )
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What is duplex telegraphy?

Same as duplex radio comms, where there are several stations on the network at the same time, except telegraphy usually refers to landline communications. ie: several telegrap ( Full Answer )
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What is pupula duplex?

A medical condition in which two irises, pupils, and corneas are formed in each eye.
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What is a duplexer?

A duplexer is a device that allows bi-directional ( duplex ) communication over a single channel. . In radar systems, a device that isolates the receiver from the transmi ( Full Answer )