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Symbols of el salvador?

El Salvador's national flower is the Flor de Izote. El Salvador's national trees are the Monkeysoap and the Guanacaste
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What does the El Salvador flag mean?

The two blue stripes represent the oceans that bathe the CentralAmerican coasts: the Pacific and the Atlantic. The white striperepresents peace. The blue stripes are for the ( Full Answer )
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What does Salvador mean in El Salvador?

"El Salvador" means The Savior. The country was named by the Spanish after they defeated the local tribes and established a colony there. The original long name was " Provin ( Full Answer )
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What can you do in El Salvador?

There are tons of things you can do in El Salvador. If you prefer urban adventures, San Salvador won't disappoint. It's a modern, bustling city that's full of life. Restaur ( Full Answer )
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What continent is el salvador from?

El Salvador is part of Central America, making it part of the continent of North America.
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Who was the President of El Salvador in 2010?

Mauricio Funes (born 18 October 1959) was the President of El Salvador in 2010. He became president on June 1, 2009, succeeding President Antonio Saca (served 2005-2009).
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What does El Salvador like to eat?

Typical meals would include fried beans, corn tortillas . Red beans is something people eat there alot whether in a soup or fried like casamiento( beans mixed with rice). A po ( Full Answer )
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Why is El Salvadaor called El Salvador?

El Salvador means the savior. So when the Spanish conquered this area of land they dedicated it to Christ the savior.
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How can you find someone in El Salvador?

I hope you have charming social skills and make large groups of friends very easily, because in third world countries there is so much poverty there isn't enough money to plac ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell El Salvador in English?

The country name "El Salvador" is Spanish for "the Savior". The official name of the nation is "República de El Salvador". Originally, the Spanish colony was named "Prov ( Full Answer )