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What does Ella mean in Portuguese?

Sorry, but I'm Brazilian and never heard it as a word. Ella derives from the french word "elle", which means "she" and is a tipical termination to female names, like Danielle/ (MORE)

Who is Ella Kaye in The Great Gatsby?

Ella Kaye: A love interest of Dan Cody, who invalidated Cody's last will in order to get the $25,000 Dan left as an inheritance to Jay Gatsby. Jay sees Ella as a simple gold d (MORE)

Who is ella baker's parents?

  The parents of Ella Baker are Georgiana and Blake Baker.  
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How did Ella Fitzgarled change the world?

Ella Fitzgerald helped blacks by singing and standing up for African Americans through her voice instead of fighting
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What are facts about Ella baker?

1.)She was arrested in the Montgomery Bus Boycott 2.)My parents are Georgina and Blake Baker 3.)I was validvictorian in college 4.)I majored in sociology
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What are three facts about Ella Fitzgerald?

1. Ella Fitzgerald won 13 Grammy awards. 2. Ella's nickname was Lady Ella. 3. Ella Fitzgerald had both her legs amputated in 1993.(Died 3 years later)
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What are five facts about ella baker?

1.) She worked with Martin Luther King Jr. 2.)She died on her birthday. (December 13, 1903-December 13,1986) 3.) She was married t T.J. Roberts 4.)She Worked with the NAACP 5 (MORE)

Who was Ella Baker?

Ella Baker was an African-American human and civil rights activist.  She was responsible for arranging things behind the scenes on these  types of campaigns for nearly 50 ye (MORE)