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Who was Ella Baker?

Ella Baker was an African-American human and civil rights activist.  She was responsible for arranging things behind the scenes on these  types of campaigns for nearly 50 ye (MORE)

Do you like ella?

Yea of course my name is Ella!!    so is mine and i luv me and so do my friends. If u dont belive her im one of her friends and shes really nice to me but dont get o (MORE)

Who was and what did ella Fitzgerald do?

Birth Name: Ella Jane Fitzgerald Also Known As: First Lady Of Song, Lady Ella Born: 25 April 1917 Newport News, Virginia, US Origin: Yonkers, New York Died: June 15 1996 Aged (MORE)

How hot is Ella?

I dont know, I know an ella and she is...well, very hot :P lol. It depends on what you want in a girl and what she looks like.... Its your choice, you choose if shes hot o (MORE)

Who is ella willingson?

Ella willingson is a strange and quite ugly creature. When angry or confused it stalks lovely people while scratching eyebrow. When in a rush it has habit of running into thin (MORE)

Who is ella metcalf?

Her real name is Vjayjay, but people mostly just call her Ella because she finds it too embarassing. Sha has the most awesomest friends ever called Izzie and Katy, she loves t (MORE)