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What does no chingues con ella mean?

it means "Don't F*** with her! Also if you hear someone say "No Chingues huey" it means Don't F&&& around man.. Or "No chingues conmigo" means don't F with me...Chingar is the (MORE)

How do you spell ella in Korean?

There isn't a Korean translation for this name, but if you were to write it in Hangul, this is what it would look like: 엘라 When you say it, say it like you would any other (MORE)

What was the impact ella baker had on history?

Ella Josephine Baker has joined many different organization and dedicated her life to helping the blacks gain more life. Ella Josephine Baker strongly believed that everyone h (MORE)

Who was Ella Baker?

Ella Baker was an African-American human and civil rights activist.  She was responsible for arranging things behind the scenes on these  types of campaigns for nearly 50 ye (MORE)

Who was Anna Ella Carroll boyfriend?

Lemuel Evans a secret agent whom at  Lincoln's request accompanied Carroll west to St. Louis, that  helped her collect information which led to her version of The  Tennesse (MORE)