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Do Mormons believe in contraception?

Yes, there is no proscription in the LDS faith preventing the use of contraceptives. There is no reason to force any family to have more children than they are emotionally or (MORE)

What are four different types of contraceptives?

Four different categories of contraceptive include: 1. Barrier Methods a. Condoms (male and female) b. diaphragm c. cervical cap 2. Chemical methods a. contraceptive (MORE)
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What do Jews' think about contraception?

  Judaism and contraception     Contraception, including artificial contraception, is permitted in Judaism in appropriate circumstances.     Reform and Liber (MORE)

Is contraception a sin?

the reason why the Catholic Church does not agree with artificial  contraception is that the Church believes life is God-given and  therefore we have no right to alter God's (MORE)
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What are ways of contraception?

Abstinence is the only 100% effective method of birth control. There are lots of different ways for contraception. There is: -male or female condom -diaphragm -the pill (MORE)

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