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Okra seed used as contraceptive?

  Okra and okra seeds contain trace amounts of gossypol, a polyphenolic aldehyde with male contraceptive properties that is also found in higher concentrations in cottonse (MORE)

Im currently on Microgynon 30 and I was prescribed tablets from the doctor last week. Ibuprofen 500mg. I was wondering will my contraceptive pill still work while Im taking Ibuprofen?

  Yes, your contraceptive pill will be just as effective when taking Ibuprofen. The only medecines which can cause contraceptive faliure with Microgynon 30 are:   * Ant (MORE)

What is emerging media?

The current trend in media that has come as a result of user/customer becoming more involved in the products and services by having a platform to communicate with the world ab (MORE)

What is emergency room?

An emergency room is a part of a hospital which receives patients  who are suffering from a medical emergency and need immediate  attention.
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How does contraceptive pills work?

Contraceptive pills (both birth control pills and emergency contraceptives) work by thickening cervical mucus to prevent sperm from accessing the ovaries, suppressing (prevent (MORE)

Can micronor contraceptive tablets stop your periods?

  It stopped mine entirely. I was prescribed Micronor because it's progesterone only, and I needed an estrogen free product because I was breastfeeding. Being that Microno (MORE)