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What does fragrant mean?

Fragrant means something has a pleasing smell. A beautiful smell, like for example you have put perfume on yourself, the smell of aromatic candles burning or of flowers.

What is a fragrant compound?

\nA fragrant compound is called "ester". It is a class of often fragrant compounds that can be represented by the formula RCOOR' and are usually formed by the reaction between (MORE)
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What is fragrant cane?

Fragrant Cane Keneh bosem in Hebrew. Ancient sources identify this with the sweet calmus (Septuagint; Rambam on Kerithoth 1:1; Saadia; Ibn Janach). This is the sweetflag o (MORE)
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What is fragrant rice?

It is rice that has a "fragrance" that is similar to a flower or plant aroma. My favorite fragrant rice is Jasmine rice. Opening the bag gives off subtle hints of jasmine, co (MORE)

Is fragrant a pronoun?

No, fragrant is an adjective , a word that describes a noun: a fragrant flower, a fragrant bread. A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun in a sentence; for (MORE)