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What does pro patria mori mean?

I am assuming you have read Dulce et decorum est, the WW1 poem. The whole phrase- "Dulce et decorum est, pro patria mori" means "it is sweet and right to die for your country" (MORE)
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What was Claude Francois famous for?

Claude Francois is famous for being a French songwriter, pop singer, and dancer. He sold over 70 million records in his career. To include the original My Way and My Boy.
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Who was Francois Borne?

Francois Borne (1840-1920) was a classical composer, principal flute player for the Grand Theatre of Bordeaux, and professor of flute at Toulouse Conservatory in the closing y (MORE)
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Where did francois leguat live in Rodrigues?

Francois Leguat settled near Grand-River which is now known as Cascade Pigeon in Rodrigues. He & his fellow adventurers built 8 huts there.

Does Francois Steyn have a girlfriend?

no he hasn't, he said himself on a program called kwela back in feb 2008 that he didn't have one. in the past when he had one (hene venter) he had no problem in mentioning her (MORE)

What does kore de mori desu means?

I think instead of 'mori' you mean 'muri' /mu ri/, with it the sentence makes sense, and it means "now it's impossible", "with this/this way it's impossible". 'Mori' means 'ba (MORE)