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Are fungal infections responsible for many 'undiagnosed' illnesses?

No, systemic candidiasis is a scam. Labs and practitioners charge money to do tests on various samples and they invariably report positive results. They then sell expensive tr (MORE)

What is the treatment for fungal ear infection?

  In my opinion non prescription drugs like garlic juice & aloe vera drops might do well in fungal ear infection   Thanks   Dr. G.S.Sachdeva
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Can you go swimming with a fungal infection?

You can go swimming with a fungal infection, However, because the pool attendants are not going to inspect you or your fungal infection before you enter the water it is up to (MORE)

How are bacterial and fungal spores similar?

These is nothing similar, first of all bacteria do not produce spores. Bacteria can be transferred from one human to another (syphillis), through the air, and by food (food po (MORE)
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How are fungal and human cells similar?

They're similar at the molecular level. Both have are eukaryotic and thus both have membrane-bound organelles and a nucleus. Check out for more info
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What is an infection?

infection (in-fek-shun) n. 1. Germs that get in your skin when bitten or scratch   also. An invasion and multiplication of microorganisms or infectious agents in the body t (MORE)

What are fungal diseases generally referred to?

Fungal diseases are called mycoses and those affecting humans can be divided into four groups based on the level of penetration into the body tissues
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Is fungal infection bacterial or viral?

The skin works as a diligent, protective barrier that protects us from external substances that can be harmful to our health. However, because the skin is porous and constantl (MORE)