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Whats the cure for gum pain?

Multiple answers to this. You need to know what caused the pain first. Answer For short term relief, there are numbing gels that you can buy; warm salt water held against t (MORE)
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What does gum have in it?

gum is made of rubber which is the same kind of rubber that they make tires from but with a softer material and flavor so your basically chewing rubber "Companies carefully gu (MORE)

My gum is covering my back molar a little bit and it is very painful I also noticed it is inflamed What can I do I don't want to have any painful procedures done Is this possible?

this is called an operculum. its the tissue that partly or entirely covers a posterior tooth. this is mostly seen on wisdom teeth, or third molars. it can occur on second mola (MORE)

After having wisdom teeth removed is it allowed to use orajel on the gums and surrounding teeth from the site of them being pulled in order to help with the pain?

  You can, but it isn't recomended, because the surgery area is still sore, and putting stuff on there like that, could make it worse or infected because you aren't suppos (MORE)
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What can cause a painful bump on your gums?

One of the most common causes of a painful area on your gums is irritation, such as after eating spicy foods like pizza or spaghetti sauce. You can try putting 1/2 teaspoon ( (MORE)