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How far apart do you get the gardasil shots?

Gardasil is given in 3 injections over the course of 6 months. You get the 2nd shot 2 months after the first one, and the 3rd shot 4 months after the second one. (Example: I (MORE)
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How often do you get a gardasil shot?

You get the first shot, then six weeks after you get the second. The last of the series is 6 months from the first. It is still not clear weather or not you may need booster s (MORE)

Does gardasil make you fat?

Yes gardasil vaccine shot can make you gain weight. Well at least with me it did. At first i didn't know what was the reason for the weight gain and from research from others (MORE)

Who invented Gardasil?

The research into an HPV vaccine was based was carried out in many medical institutions around the world. Merck developed and received FDA approval for the Gardasil version.

What is the argument surrounding the Gardasil vaccine?

There are several different arguments surrounding theGardasil vaccines, many of them based on emotion rather than science. First, Gardasil is the vaccine that is designed t (MORE)

Does it hurt to have a gardasil shot?

The Gardasil shot hurts worse than almost any other shot I can think of. I got all three rounds of Gardasil last year. I got three other shots at the time of the first Gardasi (MORE)