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What is in gum?

What is in gum - well Scientists show that fruit syrup and corn syrup are the only things in gum - not including food coloring . These are not the best things for you. bu (MORE)

What can gum do for you?

Many things, for example: 1. Provide better oral health. chewing gum stimulates production of the saliva which has enzymes that can retard or stop the growth of harmful bac (MORE)

What is gum?

Chewing gum starts with a base that is usually made of synthetic or natural rubber. In addition to the gum base, chewing gum contains sweeteners, flavorings, and softeners. So (MORE)
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What does gum have in it?

gum is made of rubber which is the same kind of rubber that they make tires from but with a softer material and flavor so your basically chewing rubber "Companies carefully gu (MORE)

What can gum do to you?

cause cavitys and can make your teeth stonger. ----Wrong Actually, gum will reduce your chances of having cavities as it will stimulate your saliva production. Saliva has (MORE)