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How are gums classified?

gums are classified through their origin such as 1. shrub or tree exudate gums- acacia, karaya, tragacanth 2. marine gums- agar, algin carragenen 3. seed gums- guar gum, locu (MORE)

Do gums have bones?

Gelatin that is a ingredient of chewing gum is produced from collagen in animal bones, hooves, and conecting tissue. These are first grinded, mixed with either a strong acid (MORE)
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What does gum have in it?

gum is made of rubber which is the same kind of rubber that they make tires from but with a softer material and flavor so your basically chewing rubber "Companies carefully gu (MORE)

What does chewing gum do to you?

Chewing Gum can help with the following:       Digestion Constipation   Xylitol is a natural sugar substitute that is very low in calories simply becaus (MORE)
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What are symptoms of gum disease?

Gum disease, also known as Gingivitis, effects in bleeding gums, bad breath, pain and sensitivity in the gum area which leads to pain around the tooth.
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Does gum gum fruit exist?

if it did; we'd have pirates searching for one piece, and big scary men wearing marine uniforms. but to put it to you straight; no, gum gum fruit doe not exist, if it did, we' (MORE)

What gum last longer trident gum or stride gum?

Stride gum lasts longer... it also lasts longer than Orbitz. It has a stronger flavor and keeps the taste and texture much longer. Stride is Scientifically designed to last lo (MORE)

What is nicotine gum?

It's a gum to help someone quit smoking. There are different  levels, so that when you finish one level you can go to the next  one which will give you a less nicotine until (MORE)