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Can you get herpes simplex type 2 from kissing?

It's possible but unlikely. It's not common to have HSV2 on the mouth. It's more common to have HSV1, which is the more common cause of cold sores and fever blisters. If you k (MORE)

Can you die from herpes simplex type 1?

No hun you're not going to die from having cold sores. The common types of herpes are not life threatening.
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Is erythema multiforme related to herpes simplex?

Yes. Erythema Multiforme, or EM for short, is an immune deficiency disorder of the skin, typically caused by cold sores (HSV1 - Herpes simplex virus 1). I had my first outbrea (MORE)
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Can freezing kill herpes simplex type 1?

No. There is no cure for this Virus While you may be able to kill the virus if you isolate it through freezing you would still be stuck wit the virus being established in ner (MORE)

Can flu shot cause herpes simplex?

No hun the flu shot doesn't cause herpes. It could trigger a break out if you get stressed out or have a lowered immune system at the time you get the flu shot. I have never h (MORE)
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Can herpes simplex cause blindness?

No, the simplex does not cause blindness. It may cause swollen glands, cold sores and other minor symptoms. Actually, upon doing some research, I found that a girl in Ohio l (MORE)