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Can you take the Holtzman Ink Blot Test online?

No you cannot. U might find a pirated/leaked version of the test online, but the interpretation of the test results would be inaccurate, and hence inconclusive. Contact the ne (MORE)

What is the size in KDa of mouse IgG on western blot?

Answer   Running it on the SDS-PAGE and then immunoblotting (Western blotting) for it, you would get 2 bands: ~ 25 kDa band corresponding to the IgG light chain, and ~ 55 (MORE)

What is the main difference between a coomassie stain and a western blot?

In coomassie staining, a dye binds to all proteins, visualizing all of them. In this way, it's nonspecific. The dye diffuses into the the original gel. In a western, an anti (MORE)

Why you use skim milk to block the membrane in western blotting?

  The membrane binds proteins unspecifically (it will bind any). Western blotting uses antibodies to probe the proteins bound to the membrane for the one you are testing (MORE)

Role of tween20 in western blotting?

its just a relatively non toxic detergent that helps wash the blot and remove any proteins that are non-specifically bound. some people follow up the TBST washes with a strai (MORE)
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What does a Color ink blot test?

A colour ink blot test a persons perception of what is visually  seen to what the person's brain interprets.
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Can you use plasma to do a western blot?

You can do a western blot using plasma as samples, but you have to keep in mind that there are many factors that need to be considered. My area of research is looking for brai (MORE)