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What is incremented?

Incremented means something has been made larger by degrees. Itmeans that something has increased by a series of regular additionsor increments.
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What is incremental Reasoning?

Incremental reasoning is when a person is able to process updatesto semantic web data without having to go through all of thereasoning steps from the beginning. The updates ca ( Full Answer )
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What is incremental concept?

The Incremental concept is estimating the impact of a business decision on costs and revenues, tressing the changes in total cost and total revenue that result from changes in ( Full Answer )
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What are increments on a scale?

increments are the numbers that your going by on a line graph like ur going by 5's and so on
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What is incremental cost?

It is the cost of one unit of item that marginally increases the profit base of a transaction.
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What are increments and why are they important?

i think that they are the little lines. so if on a math test it says specifically how long is the line, without increments you might write two centimeters when the real answer ( Full Answer )
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What is incrementalism in organization?

often seen in budgets, where gradual increases / decreases in funding can produce major changes over time
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A sentence for increment?

If you mean a sentence using the word increment then first let's agree that an ibcrement is an increase (or decrease) in, generally, a sequence of numbers. so the following se ( Full Answer )
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What is a increment in math?

An increment in math means a zoner. A zoner is a fancy way of saying PAY ATTENTION IN CLASS! You should really follow the orders of your teachers because most likely what they ( Full Answer )
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What does the increments mean?

For something to happen in increments or for it to happenincrementally means that it happens in small and discrete steps,and the implication is that the steps are in order. It ( Full Answer )