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What is internetwork?

Answer . \nA network of networks which consists of two or more physical networks connected by routers. Unlike a WAN and internetwork may reside in only a single location. (MORE)
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What is the difference between internetwork and internetworking?

Answer . An internetwork is a collection of individual networks, connected by intermediate networking devices, that functions as a single large network. Internetworking ref (MORE)
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What is the difference between network and internetwork?

The difference between the two is that a network could be defined as a group of locally connected computers (Eg: Computers connected in an office buliding); whereas, An intern (MORE)
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What is the difference between Internetwork and Internet?

Internetworking involves connecting two or more distinct computer networks or network segments via a common routing technology. The result is called an internetwork (often sho (MORE)
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What are the advantages of internetwork?

Internet work have clear advantages over conventional methods,First, the use of the internet allows for rapid researching ofsources and information access. Internet work creat (MORE)
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What is an internetworking device?

A device that allows information to traverse different networks. Generally these are Layer 3 devices and a router is a perfect example of an internetworking device. A (basic) (MORE)
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Steps to design an internetworking project?

Steps to design interworking project: requirement analysis projections Extensibility Analysis lifetime analysis technology and performance analysis sensitivity an (MORE)
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What are Internetworking tools?

tcp/ip model is used in internetworking .it has used three tools which are:- 1.router 2.Packets 3.gateway.
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What is the difference type of networking and internetworking devices?

LAN(local area network) WAN(wide area network) MAN(metro po piton area network) SAN( strong area network) CAN(campus area network) VAN(value added network) . L (MORE)
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What is internetworking standards?

our class teacher said that . LAN. WAN. MAN. CONNECTIONLESS. CONNECTION ORIENTED . are the networking standard .