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What is journalism?

Journalism is reporting news or experiences in the form of writing reports, taking photographs or video for the press or television.
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What are journals?

Journals are regular periodic publications, usually dedicated to a specific profession or discipline. They usually are published monthly or quarterly, and they are usually in ( Full Answer )
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What is journal?

The journal is a kind of newspaper or magazine that is aprofessional activity or intellectual magazine and published on aregular schedule. It can also be a record of the daily ( Full Answer )
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What journal is PANS?

The journal PNAS is the journal of the Proceedings of the NationalAcademy of Sciences. The first issue was published in 1915.
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What is journalism about?

Journalism is about reporting on the biggest news stories, but it is also about covering life in your city or town. Journalists, sometimes also called "reporters," provide inf ( Full Answer )
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What can you do with a journal?

You could take notes, write important information, make paper airplanes, hurt someone, use it to keep a fire going, or even destroy a valuable and fragile object like a 97-yea ( Full Answer )
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What is a online journal?

AN online journal is like a journal except its on the computer or online, which means you have to type instead of getting out a pencil or something. If you want to create an ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell journaling?

The term journaling is only used to refer to the process of creating or updating a journal file, specifically in computer systems. Otherwise the activity is "keeping a journal ( Full Answer )
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What is a rod journal?

Connecting rod journals are the part of the crankshaft where the connecting rods attach to. There is one rod journal for each piston/connecting rod in the engine. These journa ( Full Answer )
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What is the nature of Journalism?

The concept of "citizen journalism" has been done to death already, of course, but two interesting pieces from E-Media Tidbits today shows exactly how the concept really is ch ( Full Answer )