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What are lips?

lips are the bumpy things below your nose, they are red or pink and inside it there is teeth, the white, bony things. they are the stinky stuff under your nose that not even (MORE)

How do you give lip to lip kiss?

I was really curious about that because when i was MV (mouth Virgin) i really wanted to kiss and i didn't knew how, but now i find it quite simple . just close your eyes and (MORE)

If you kiss lip to lip what happens?

Touch sensory receptors in your lips begin sending signals to your brain that they are touching soft tissue. This will lead to "happiness hormones" being dispersed, making you (MORE)
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Do the numm your lip when you get a lip persing?

If I'm reading your question correctly, then no, they do not numb your lip when you get it pierced. They use sterilized equipment and if they do it properly, you should only f (MORE)

Is it lip singing or lips sinking?

The phrase is "lip syncing." Sync is short for synchronization, which means to operate in unison. This refers to mouthing at the same time the music is playing.