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Is lip gloss healthy for your lips?

Yes, Lip gloss is very healthy for your lips. They wont harm or dry your lips in anyway unless you are allergic to an ingredient that is used in it. Lip gloss is not only for (MORE)
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What are lips?

lips are the bumpy things below your nose, they are red or pink and inside it there is teeth, the white, bony things. they are the stinky stuff under your nose that not even (MORE)
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Where do you put your lip rings on your lip?

Wikianswers is not a venue to provide "how to" information that can lead to serious personal injury. Seek the skills and experience of a professional body piercer. The re (MORE)
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If you kiss lip to lip what happens?

Touch sensory receptors in your lips begin sending signals to your brain that they are touching soft tissue. This will lead to "happiness hormones" being dispersed, making you (MORE)
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Why are lips called lips instead of lip?

Because we have a bottom lip and a top lip so we have 2 lips in total! That means it's a plural! Otherwise if we had a just a top lip it would be a lip!
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What does lip liner do to your lips?

Lip liner is usually used to fill in color to your can buy it in many colors, it makes them blend or pop, depending on the color. There is no damadge done to the li (MORE)
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Is it lip sync or lip sing?

It is lip sync. Because when somebody does this, they are syncingtheir lips to the sound of the music, but not really singing it.
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Where can you get baby lips lip balm?

You can get baby lips in beauty care drugstores like Walgreens and walmarts lip balm or beautybsection(shoppers sometimes will have it)