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What does lovestruck mean?

I like skittles and m & m's i think it means u get struck by lightning when your in love
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What is lovestruck?

Lovestruck is to fall in love with someone suddenly. One falls head over heels in love with someone that, he/she cannot stop thinking about his/her lover. One always want to h ( Full Answer )
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How do you use lovestruck in a sentence?

The girl was so lovestruck over her boyfriend that he was the only thing she cared about; Nothing else mattered but him.
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What are two synonyms for the word lovestruck?

Smitten is another word for lovestruck. Another word might be infatuated, passionate, or even enamored. Try using an online thesaurus of these words if this answer isn't what ( Full Answer )
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Is lovestruck a noun or a verb?

The word lovestruck is an adjective , a word that describes a noun; a lovestruck young lady, a lovestruck lad.
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What is the meaning of being lovestruck?

The term "Love struck" refers to the physical and mental symptoms that one feels when falling in love. It means to be hit by love, or to be struck with the intensity of love.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Lovestruck - 2005?

The cast of Lovestruck - 2005 includes: Gina Alajar James Blanco Rainier Castillo as Cholo Ryza Cenon as Myka Kirby de Jesus as Lloyd Keempee de Leon Julio Diaz Mark Herras as ( Full Answer )