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Where does the family name loveys originated?

The surname, Loveys, comes from French Normans and was seen shortlyafter the Norman conquest of Britain in 1066 AD. The name came fromthe middle English word for 'love.'
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What does loveys mean?

The name Lovey's derived from the name Lovegrove. It was a nicknamed penned by fellow Marines while serving in Vietnam.
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Why are dogs lovey for?

\nThey make absolutely great pets and friends they're really cute and can they are really smart because they can tell when you're upset or happy
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What is lovey to a girl?

Lots of things! Usually its the simple things that matter the most like giving us your hoodie/jacket when were cold, telling us we loook beautiful even when we dont feel it ( Full Answer )
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What are songs with lovey titles?

Michael Jackson: The Way You Make Me Feel Bruno Mars: Just the way you are
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Is there an episode where Vegeta and Bulma are lovey?

no. what they do instead is have a 2 year jump. they tell you iff you listen closley. they episode when that super saiyan kid comes from the future is his child =3= no they ( Full Answer )
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Where can you buy lovey dovey bath salt?

I'm sure there are places on the internet that sells them, and this is not the place to give out websites for products. But as a warning see the following: Don't Ingest Bath ( Full Answer )
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What is the significance of a lovey to a child?

A lovey helps a child feel secure. A lot of new things are introduced to young children, and sometimes it can be very overwhelming. Their lovey gives them a sense of securit ( Full Answer )
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What are some good lovey dovey quotes?

Good lovey dovey quotes include the pop to my tart, the fruit to myloop, the star to my burst, the peanut to my butter, and manyothers.