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What are lowlands?

There are three lowland regions surrounding the shield: theInterior Plains, the Great Lakes-St.Lawrence Lowlands, and theHudson Bay-Artic Lowlands. The bedrock under these low ( Full Answer )
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Where is the central lowland?

In floridaEDIT: Actually, it contains the area spanning from the Appalachian Mountains to the border of the Mississippi River. As the name suggests, it is a physical region of ( Full Answer )
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What are the Interior Lowlands?

There are many types of land formations. The Interior Lowlands ofthe United States are a large flat area located in Central America.
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Does Ireland have lowlands?

Yes. A lot of the centre of Ireland is low and flat. Most, though not all, Of Ireland's mountains are near the coast.
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Where are the Spanish lowlands?

The Spanish Lowlands are an old name for what is today called The Netherlands or Holland. In the 1500's, Spain occupied the Netherlands on and off. So they were called the Spa ( Full Answer )
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Does England have lowlands?

Yes it has lowlands and it also has highlands I'm doing a report and i found that out. I checked every sight though to make sure i was right. The reports due tomorrow so i hop ( Full Answer )
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What is an example of lowland?

A fairly extreme example would be the Polder region of Netherlands.Not sure if this constitutes as it is artificial in a sense
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What is undulating lowland?

An undulating lowland is a lowland with an uneven or "undulating" surface. There are no outstanding highlands in the area.
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What can lowlands be used for?

They really shouldn't be used for anything other than wetland habitat for wildlife, because that's all that's its best for particularly during really wet periods or at spring ( Full Answer )
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Where and what are the lowlands of Europe?

The lowlands of Europe are the countries of the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. They are referred to as the lowlands because the majority of their area is located below ( Full Answer )