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What is a MP?

'MP' stands for Member of Parliament.. They represent everyone in their constituency, even the ones who didn't vote for them.. They're based in the House of Commons.
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Who can be an MP?

In the United Kingdom, an MP is a Member of Parliament. As a representative of their constituency, any member of the public that is over 18 and a British Citizen can stand for ( Full Answer )
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What is mP?

If your talking about the army's MP then MP means Military Police . MP is where you are a Police Officer but in the Army .. You still have to go on affairs in Iraq,and Afghani ( Full Answer )
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What does a MP do?

A MP represents their city or town. They help people when it is needed. If you have complaint to make, tell your MP and they can help you solve it.
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What is an MP?

If you mean a political MP, then it's a Member of Parliament. MP can also stand for Military Police.
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How many pictures on 16gb memory card in 8 MP digital camera?

That depends on the size of the image files, which in turn depends on the resolution settings. You can count on about 4,000 at the highest resolution, and thousands more on th ( Full Answer )
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Is the vivitar vivicam 8225 8.1 MP digital camera a good camera?

That all matters on opinion. I have that camera, and personally I do not like it. It has pretty good pictures if you take the time and hold still, but a lot of the pictures it ( Full Answer )
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Is 8.1 mp is better than 10 mp on a digital camera?

The higher the MP (mega Pixel) the more detailed the pictures will be. However, 8.1mp is far from being a low resolution picture. It all depends on what you are willing to spe ( Full Answer )
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Where can one buy a 12 mp digital camera?

12 megapixel cameras are very common and can be purchased at virtually any store that sells electronics. Retail stores like Best Buy and online retailers like Amazon are just ( Full Answer )