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What does a mac do?

A mac is another computer. They say they cant get viruses. Mostly  this is true, however when Mac's gained in popularity, people,  sadly, did create viruses. If you didnt wa (MORE)

What is mac and use of mac?

  The Mac, or Macintosh, is a computer developed by Apple, Inc., formerly Apple Computers, Inc. Unlike many computer companies, Apple's Mac systems run their own operating (MORE)

Why are mac computers called macs?

The company that builds the Macintosh is Apple. One variety of apple fruit is the Macintosh. It was clever for Apple to make a computer named for a kind of apple, the  "Macin (MORE)

How do you move iTunes from a mac to a mac?

You have a few options here. When you get a new mac, you'll be asked if you'd like to transfer data from another Mac. You can use this to transfer import files like the ones (MORE)

What mac to get?

When shopping for a Mac there are many things to consider: The PriceThe PurposeThe PowerThe PersoniPad?The Price- ---If you want to go cheap than the MacMini is for you. It ha (MORE)

How can you check the MAC address of your Mac?

Here's a better answer then I can give: In addition, in Mac OS 10.3 and above, you can also go to: Apple menu/About (MORE)

Is mac keeper good for macs?

Nope, it is completely unnecessary, and potentially damaging. From what I can tell it simply checks your applications folder, and then checks the folder where your application (MORE)
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What products do Mac and Mac provide?

Mac & Mac is the name of a company that manufactures a variety of both modern and traditional European furniture. The company is based in the United Kingdom.
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