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How do you use a Mac?

If you are referring to the Mac OS, you should be aware that the Mac OS is uses a graphical user interface which makes it easier for users to navigate and use the operating sy (MORE)

What is prokit for mac?

ProKit is a framework (a group of resources) that creates the blue-grey interface of the Apple Pro Apps (Aperture, Final Cut, Logic etc.). Apple does not allow the use of it i (MORE)

Is mac keeper good for macs?

Nope, it is completely unnecessary, and potentially damaging. From what I can tell it simply checks your applications folder, and then checks the folder where your application (MORE)

What are the lyrics to Miss Mary Mac Mac Mac?

Miss Mary Mac Miss Mary Mac Mac Mac All dressed in black black black With silver buttons buttons buttons All down her back back back She asked her mother mother mothe (MORE)
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How do you fix a Mac?

Restart and hold down the Shift key as your Mac starts up. This will automatically check some files and stop some files from loading. Open Disk Utility. Select the start up (MORE)

What is Mac ID?

  MAC ID is like a serial nr of your network card.   On a windows system you can know what you're mac id is through START > RUN > type "cmd" without the quotes > type " (MORE)

What is mac and use of mac?

  The Mac, or Macintosh, is a computer developed by Apple, Inc., formerly Apple Computers, Inc. Unlike many computer companies, Apple's Mac systems run their own operating (MORE)

What does the folder on a mac do?

it organizes all of you pictures, documents and pretty much anything you want it to, even organize all you folders.
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Why are mac computers called macs?

The company that builds the Macintosh is Apple. One variety of apple fruit is the Macintosh. It was clever for Apple to make a computer named for a kind of apple, the  "Macin (MORE)
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How do you scan on a mac?

The Image Capture application in the Applications folder works with the majority of scanners if there is no specific software supplied with the scanner. Otherwise any TWAIN (s (MORE)