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What is the absolute location of Malay archipelago?

The Malay Archipelago is located between mainland southeast Asiaand Australia. The absolute location of the Malay Archipelago is2o56'S, 107o55'E.
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Where is the Malay Archipelago located?

The Malay Archipelago is located between mainlandSoutheastern Asia and Australia in The Indian and PacificOceans .
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Where is Malay?

Malays are found in the Malay Archipelago and Malay Peninsula. They mostly live in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines. Their phsyical traits are ( Full Answer )
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Who are the malays?

Malays are an Austronesian group of peoples from Southeast Asia that inhabits the Malay Peninsula and islands of the Malay Archipelago, Indonesia, Brunei, southern Thailand a ( Full Answer )
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Is the Malay Archipelago a country?

The Malay Archipelago consists of several countries that form an archipelago below southeast Asia and above Australia. The countries that consists of the Malay Archipelago are ( Full Answer )