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Who was Saint Matthew?

Matthew was a disciple of Jesus christ, he was a tax collector before that. St Matthew was, according to the Bible, one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus. He was a first centu (MORE)
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Who is Matthew lush?

He is known on the internet as the gaygod. Hes 20 years old, veryopen about being gay and loves life and people. He is one of themain people for the charity water campaign. He (MORE)
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What did Saint Matthew do?

Before he became a disciple of Jesus he was a tax collector for the occupying Roman authorities.
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What did Matthew Brady do?

Matthew B. Brady was a photographer. He is best known for his documentation of the Civil War. He is given credit for the creation of photo journalism. Matthew Brady was als (MORE)
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What was Matthew to Jesus?

Matthew was a former tax collector, who became Jesus disciple. Answer #2 Matthew was election, a soul Christ knew before and knew he could count upon, as were all the disc (MORE)
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How did Matthew die?

Other answers from our community : We do not know where, how or when Matthew died, but various luridChristian traditions about his supposed martyrdom arose over time:One tradi (MORE)
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Who is Matthew Harloff?

Assistant Band Director of the Avon Marching Black and Gold. Also he is a brass instructor of Carolina Crown.
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Who is Matthew Atkinson?

he's an actor who plays nick i think on Jane by design (canceled) and other movies or TV series
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Who is Matthew panganiban?

he is a 13 year old nerd that likes wwe video games and collects football cards?!?!