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What is medicine? defines medicine as "noun 1. any substance or substances used in treating disease or illness; medicament; remedy. 2. the art or science of restoring or preservi (MORE)

What do medicines do to you?

medicine helps us feel better! But every medicine have side effects.Have you ever heard about holistic medicine. holistic medicine is a health care system that promotes a (MORE)
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What is medicines?

Medicine is the science and art of healing. It encompasses a variety of health care practices evolved to maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness (MORE)
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What does medicines do?

Medicines are drugs, and drugs are defined as any substance that, when absorbed into the body of a living organism, alters normal bodily function.
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What is in medicine?

Medications or Medicines contain chemical compounds, mostoriginating from plants or tree bark, including herbal remedies.The chemical compounds are highly refined, unlike herb (MORE)

Why herbal medicines are the best medicines?

Herbs are extremely useful for treatment of disease and sickness because they are natural and often have fewer adverse side effects than pharmaceutical drugs. Though drugs gen (MORE)

Where do you get medicines from?

Most medicines are derived from nature. Foxglove is where we get the heart medicine, Digitalis. Senna pods are a laxative, which is in the patent medicine Sennokot.Ricin , a p (MORE)
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How are prescription medicines to OTC medicines?

Prescription-only medicines (POM, Rx) which can be sold by a pharmacist if prescribed by a doctorPharmacy medicines (P) which may be sold by a pharmacist without prescriptionG (MORE)
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What are medicines?

Medicines are drugs or other remedies designed to improve or restore health. Medicine is the science and art of healing. It encompasses a variety of health care practices evol (MORE)